Supercharge digital health engagement

The Vi Engage™ cloud helps health & wellness brands scale personal experiences that keep customers engaged

Rich Data Intake

Intelligence gathers your customer data, then unifies and structures that data for profiling and insight generation.  Intelligence can read data from popular CRMs and other sources via Vi Engage API

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Vi Engage


Scale customer engagement the personal way

Vi delivers white label data science models, content libraries, and IP developed from $45M in R&D investment to help B2B partners shortcut the path to market with differentiated wellness solutions

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icon: 15 Patents. (Created by Dmitry Mirolyubov from The Noun Project)

15 patents

icon: $45M R&D investment. (Created by Andi Nur Abdillah from The Noun Project)

$45M R&D investment

icon: White label coaching solutions. (Created by Adrien Coquet from The Noun Project)

White label coaching solutions

Vi Engage


The web service that enables health & wellness industry leaders to scale up customer engagement, without sacrificing human, personal touch

Vi Cloud Measurably Reduces Churn

Accuracy of predicting at-risk customers

Percentage of customers saved due to Vi-powered engagement

Data Gathering

Vi SDK harvests rich data from available inputs, including GPS, accelerometer, weather APIs, terrain, Healthkit & Google Fit, RPM, and Resistance.



Data-Driven Dynamic UX

Vi reacts in real time to user activity and contextual data, dynamically personalizing coaching as authentic human speech.


Voice-Stitching Engine

Our patented voice stitching technology enables Vi audio coaching content to adapt to each unique, real-time user situation.



Vi SDK gathers data to deliver personalized, audio-based cardio coaching that adjusts in real-time based on user behavior.


Dynamic Cardio Libraries

With hundreds of dynamic workout blueprints for walking, running, cycling, and more, the Vi SDK can integrate with any app or connected fitness device for indoor and outdoor adaptive coaching.

Vi SDK delivers results

Subscription Conversion Rate*

Average Retention of Subscribed User*

* results based on a $9.99/month subscription


Virtual Races & Leaderboards

Bring community-wide experiences to life by engaging users in virtual 5K races and social leaderboards.


Torch: Outdoor Quest Game

Vi SDK powers Torch, a groundbreaking mobile game where you can explore virtual Quests by moving in the real world. The more active you are - the faster you will progress and get ahead of your friends.

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Targeting the
right customers

with the
right content

at the
right time



AI-Powered Profiling

Vi Engage™ data science models predict future customer behavior, to recommend or automate engagement actions that improve customer retention and LTV

Engagement Campaigns

Health professionals log into the Touchpoint dashboard to see a prioritized, laser-focused list of who to contact and recommendation on how to best engage.

Over time, Vi Engage™ optimizes customer retention through AI-driven feedback loops

Vi Engage™ has the right solution for your business

Customize the full power of Vi Engage™ as an integration with your own CRM and analytics solution by building with the Vi Engage™ API to start building

Speed up your engagement optimizations by utilizing the off-the-shelf standalone web tool. Make immediate impact on your business with actionable engagement recommendations at your fingertips.

Web Tool


Demo the Vi Workout SDK with these apps

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Vi Engage / Intelligence

Vi Engage / Intelligence

Vi Engage / Touchpoint

Supercharge digital health engagement

The Vi Engage™ cloud helps health & wellness brands scale personal experiences that keep customers engaged

Partner with us

Vi Engage /
Vi Engage /

Gain rich insights for improving your KPIs through AI-powered profiling of customer behavior data

Target the right customers with the right content at the right time to boost engagement and drive LTV

Touchpoint tracks every action taken by company staff and uses feedback loops to self-optimize and institutionalize the most effective practices across your entire customer-engaging organization.

Vi Engage / Touchpoint

Smarter Over Time

Vi Engage / Touchpoint

Omni-Channel UX at Scale

Touchpoint significantly increases the efficiency and efficacy of customer outreach by your health experts and CX systems, enabling mass scale of delivery while retaining the personalized attention expected by customers today.

Scale customer engagement the personal way

Discover the right Vi Engage solution for your business